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The most direct manifestation is named in a hotel room, 352 rooms and suites, with "magnificent" word occupies 138 rooms. Lobby next to the souvenir shop, pink tone, Cinderella, Alice and other fairy tale elements is filled the room. But more aptly, the hotel embodies the aristocratic temperament.

Through a mini version of the lobby atrium into the narrow corridor, here are the most authentic English afternoon tea. Holding rose petals dotted porcelain, sipped scones, British aristocracy Fan feeling wells.

Deep discuss women favor, there is located on the second floor of chocolate treasure Square. Hard to imagine that the window Bra models wearing white evening dress, wrist pearl accessories, European large caps, and placed in the side of the high-heeled shoes, LV handbags, lipstick, etc., are all made ​​with chocolate. Many celebrities frequent this place, Kevin Tsai has tasted Square collection produced. Jackie Chan in the propaganda "Zodiac" period, stay, Pastry chef as he produced a chocolate projector. Closer look at these chocolates, the above will actually glowing pearl sheen. According to the Executive Pastry Chef Lam Shiu introduction, as long as the temperature is deployed properly, glossy chocolate itself will be revealed.

Collector's Corner also started DIY courses, each lesson 60 minutes spent in the range of 300 to 698 yuan. Chocolate raw material selection Valrhona brand from France. In France, more than 80% of the top handmade chocolates Valrhona are used as a substrate.

"Exotic" word everywhere in the hotel. The fourth floor of the hotel cellar Court, kept the 1000 wines, Shenzhen is also the possession of most varieties of wine drinker Court largest one, nearly fifty models vintage premium Bordeaux wines, Tuscany, Italy's top wine and Spain Chan Rioja red wine on the wine list and so on among. Shenzhen, the first female sommelier take you to experience this wine culture.

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